HTG750-700 HTG700 Professional Heat Gun (EACH)

Price: $69.95
SKU:  ae00-3722^HTG750-700
Manufacturer Part #:  HTG750-700
The Wagner FURNO 700 Heat Gun Tool with Multiple Temperature Settings is a versatile, heavy-duty tool that has a precise range of temperature settings plus additional accessory nozzles to accomplish a wide variety of heating applications. This gun makes the perfect choice for use in dozens of applications including softening putty and caulk, de-clouding headlights, removing decals, molding hockey skates, removing crayon from walls, waxing skis, removing ceiling paint, stripping paint, thawing frozen pipes, plus a variety of other projects that require heat. Temperature settings range from 125°F to 1300°F to get the job done. 1500 Watt max./5100 BTU output. Includes 2 nozzles. U.L. listed.

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