MSQ002-155 Vinyl - Marine, 32 oz. expanded, #002-155 Seaquest Anchor, 54" (PER YARD)

Price: $37.90
SKU:  ae00-4419^MSQ002
Manufacturer Part #:  MSQ002-155
Seaquest marine vinyl is a 54" wide, 32 oz. vinyl with a Cold Crack of -10 F. It has UV stabilized pigments, passes the 1,000 hour minimum test, and meets the MVSS 302, CAL 117, and UFAC Class 1 codes. Both sides are mildew resistant. This product is designed specifically for all types of marine and outdoor applications and should be cleaned with mild soap and water. (Available in Roll N' Pleat). *All products 48" and up are subject to a required additional handling fee of $10.00 that is charged by the carrier. This fee applies only once per order and does not stack. Example, you buy 3 products over 48" there is still only a 1 time additional handling fee.

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