BUR1R25 Burlap, 10 oz., 40", 25 yards (PER ROLL)

Price: $39.95
SKU:  ae00-6907^BUR1R25
Manufacturer Part #:  BUR1R25
Burlap fabric has a wide variety of uses. This inexpensive 100% natural burlap can be utilized for upholstery projects; soundproofing items such as speaker covers and acoustical panels; home decorating projects such as lampshades, picture mats, and window treatments; in the garden for composting bags, root ball covers and for winter protection of trees and shrubs; craft projects including totes, shopping bags, and banners. Burlap is water-permeable and has biodegradable properties making it useful for agricultural and garden applications. It can be used to cover curing concrete to retain moisture, serve as curtains or wall covering for theatrical purposes, and add the finishing touch to many types of arts and crafts. With its low cost, burlap is also a practical packing material. We sell this economical, strong, heavy, unmarked, coarse, woven jute fabric by the yard or in 100-yard rolls for many uses.

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